Bathing Water Register

IDgis has built in only two months time the administrative and viewer-software behind The sites which informs the public on hygiene and safety of bathing locations. Administrators of open water bathing locations in the Netherlands can manage their information easily now with the handy administrator tool.


zwemwaterregister locatieAdministration and map are fully integrated. This is also visible in the split-screen lay-out with the input window on the right and the map viewer on the left side. The map controls are intuitive as in Google maps. Edit buttons are available for administrators to add, edit or delete geometries.

Advanced authorisation

Administrators are assigned roles depending the type of usage. Authorisation for editing data is not only controlled on geographical level (per province), but also over sub sets of the data. Changes will only be effectuated if the data meets certain constraints. 

The synchronisation on daily basis of the more than 50 domain tables (, ensures that administrators always work with the latest domain data. This synchronisation can be started manually as well. An administrator enters easily his sample results. His ranking of the  swimming water quality - based on the latest sample data - is visible for the public on the website  immediately .

Open Source 

zwemwaterThe software is based on OpenLayers en Dojo Javascript Toolkit. The  WMS en WFS services are deegree open source geo-spatial web services. The application is suitable for mobile usage and meets high performance and availability requirements. 

IDgis has built the back-end as sub-contractor of Vicrea. is a initiative of IPO, Unie van Waterschappen and Rijkswaterstaat.

More information

If you want more information or find out what we can do for you, please contact Reijer Copier

Reijer Copier

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