Extension of Flamingo Viewer for Risk Map

All Dutch Provinces make use of digital maps to show risks, such as floods, LPG-installations, hazardous transportation routes et cetera. These maps are publicly available through the internet. IDgis has improved the current Flamingo Map Viewer by adding several  components, such as:

Flamingo logo
  • Editing in maps;
  • Printing trough user defined map templates;
  • DDEDownload button;
  • Independent positioning of Flash instances;
  • Dynamic legend;
  • Filtering on WMS-layers;
  • Highlighting of features from a WMS-layer; LayerSwitch.

Risk Map

> Explore the Dutch Risk Map (Note: use IE or Mozilla Firefox!)

> Explore the Risk Map of the Province of Overijssel (Note: use IE or Mozilla Firefox!)

More Information

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