INSPIRE solutions


IDgis has broad knowledge of and experience with INSPIRE data. IDgis uses 

deegree 3, which can be considered as thé open source solution to build INSPIRE webservices. Moreover deegree 3 is suitable to open up all your other data from (among others) PostgreSQL/PostGIS and Oracle databases.

High Performance and Scalability

The performance and scalability of the deegree WFS and WMS is excellent, due to deegree's streaming technology, data storage optimisation and clever rendering. This means ultra fast services and a service load which acts pleasantly linear with increasing number of users.


  • Implementation of INSPIRE services specifications
  • According to OGC standard WMS 1.3.0/1.1.1 and WFS 2.0/1.1.0
  • High performance and scalability
  • Supports many other GML application schemes
  • Styling of unmodified INSPIRE data sets (WMS)
  • GetFeatureInfo based on INSPIRE data model (WMS)
  • INSPIRE compliant output (WFS)
  • Updating, inserting and deleting of unmodified INSPIRE data sets (WFS)
  • Advanced filtering options (WFS)

deegree3 INSPIRE with shadow small


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