Is publishing geo data a cumbersome and complex process?
Do you have trouble to make data accessible for public and professional usage and keep data up-to-date? GeoPublisher makes your work-flow easy, and ensures that your clients have reliable access to up-to-date geo data. 

Data in the Cloud, Up-to-Date and Secure

GeoPublisher is a data publishing environment in the cloud, which collects data from your database (for instance an Oracle database) and stores data in a special PostgreSQL database for publication. You are in control. You decide which data is ready for publication and for whom (publicly or only for a selective group of users). The process to keep the published data up-to-date, can only be initiated by the data source (manually or automatically) and goes via an encrypted data connection. This makes it impossible for hackers to intrude into your local system.

  • you decide what you publish
  • compatible with existing databases
  • data stays at the source
  • encrypted data-connection

Easy Work Flow

The work flow is astonishing simple. First you register your data set at the GeoPublisher. This may be the data set "as is" or combined with a filter to use only certain fields from the data set. You add a default style or you add your own style (for instance by means of ArcGIS or QGIS). From now on the data set is already available as a preview in the so called staging environment. From there, it takes only a few clicks to actually publish the data, which means that the data is publicly available through a WMS and WFS.

Publish shapefiles through our unique GeoDropIn "dropbox"

GeoPublisher with GeoDropInGeoPublisher is also a perfect solution if you do not have your own database. You can upload and publsih your shape files in a wink through the GeoDropIn module. After uploading your shapefiles they are available for you in your GeoPublisher cloud database. Create from there a dataset, map layer and style. Click on "publish", and your data is availabe through fast and reliable WMS en WFS services.

User friendly Service  Configuration

GeoPublisher has a clear interface for configuring WMS-layers, WFS and tiling. IDgis makes use of clever client specific defaults, which means that the actual configuration is much easier than a full GeoServer, deegree or MapServer configuration.

  • publication process automated as much as possible
  • clear user interface

Professional Service

GeoPublisher brings your service to a professional level. You can count on at least 99% availability and a response time of less than 3 seconds for zoom and pan. Above all, the capacity of the GeoPublisher cloud  can easily be adjusted to your needs. The availability and performance of the services is monitored permanently. Furthermore, GeoPublisher automatic generates ISO meta data for datasets en services, so that others can find your data and services.

  • Dashboard shows availability and performance
  • Help-desk with direct access to IDgis expert team
  • Automatic meta-data generation
  • Capacity easily adjustable to your needs


Starting costs are low. Moreover you pay only for actual usage:

  • low and predictable costs
  • costs based on actual usage

More Information

If you want more information or find out what we can do for you, please contact Herman Assink

Herman Assink

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