Geoide: Fast and Reliable Web Map Client

IDgis developed a powerful, user-friendly GIS web-viewer and web-service package named Geoide. Geoide is based on the open source software of the deegree project.

Geoide LogoThe Geoide web viewer is developed with Macromedia Flash Actionscript 2, whereas the Geoide web-service is Java based. IDgis developed this package to meet the need for highly user-friendly and interactive Internet GIS viewers. Apart from standard viewing functionality Geoide Viewer also has the capability to edit geometries of features. The Geoide Author is a strong user-friendly graphical interface for configuring the Geoide Viewer.

Both the Geoide viewer and service are developed using Object Oriented techniques and are designed and developed in an iterative way. From day to day the functionality of Geoide is growing, but by today Geoide is already a full worthy WFS, WMS and WCS client.

Geoide Author

Geoide has been implemented in a whole scope of projects, mostly as part of tailor-made applications, such as:

  • An Oracle based administrative system for cultural historic data of Overijssel (BACH)
  • A system for cell broadcast
  • Geoportals such as: Europaloket (Europe  Counter)



Geoide (Geoloket)

More information

If you want more information or find out what we can do for you, please contact Herman Assink

Herman Assink

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